Cut the risk, cost and complexity of fund data distribution

Managing data integrity across complex distribution networks is critical, yet the existing system is fraught with imperfect transactions that can expose companies and customers to financial, regulatory, and commercial risk.

We're building a better way, with a blockchain-enabled fund data distribution platform that makes it easy to exchange data with confidence.

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Solving the fund data challenge with blockchain technology

  • Full control: keep control over who gets access to your data
  • Easy implementation: one local app, browser-based with API integration
  • Data visualisation: see transactions in real-time with Blocktree visualisations
  • Real-time integrity analysis: monitor risk with instant verification protocols
  • Highly compatible: built on existing forms and templates for familiarity
  • Private and public: two-tier implementation options to combine private, hybrid and public networks

Without the right systems in place, data can quickly become inaccurate, difficult or expensive to manage.

We're fixing that with a distribution platform built on blockchain technology that makes it easier to share data, and almost impossible for anyone to mess with it.

Andrew Walsh
CEO, Iress

Cutting the complexity of data distribution

Blockchain technology can build trust and cut out inefficiency, but what is it and how does it work?

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Take advantage of blockchain technology without investing in the upfront expertise and infrastructure.