Iress Industry Voice

Deadline to Breadline report: Exploring the financial resilience of working households across the UK

The new report from Legal & General assesses the financial stability of households by looking at how long someone could cover their basic living costs if they lost their job.

Legal and General  |  3 min read
10 October 2022

Financial advice

All you need is love

Matt Lonsdale posits that love is - and always has been - the real driving force behind wealth management

Matt Lonsdale  |  6 min read
07 October 2022


Why twice is nice for this Iress product guru

For Emily Chen, a leading light in the technology product community, one stint at Iress simply wasn’t enough. She reveals why, like so many others, she came back.

Emily Chen  |  3 min read
04 October 2022

Financial advice

Why data shouldn't be a dirty word

In this article, we explain data cleansing, why it's so important to have clean data before any software migration and once you've got clean data, how to keep it that way.

Guest contributor  |  5 min read
26 August 2022


Roadmap to ESG: The key takeaways

In the final article of our ESG Roadmap series, developed with research firm NextWealth, we review what we’ve discovered and highlight some of the key takeaways from our in-depth interviews with financial advice professionals.

Iress  |  4 min read
18 July 2022

Financial advice

How to engage clients in a connected world

How better client engagement leads to better client satisfaction.

Guest contributor  |  7 min read
11 July 2022


Get to the point

Why, as an industry, do we make things complicated for our clients? Can't we all try being a bit clearer in what we say?

Warren O'Connell  |  4 min read
18 July 2022

Financial advice

How to build a better performing advice business

Focus on these three key areas and you'll be on your way to building a high performing advice business where every working day gets easier.

Guest contributor  |  5 min read
11 July 2022