Like you, we believe that software should ‘just work’.

While we’ve always sought and embraced user feedback in the design of our software - our active trader solution ViewPoint is an example - Iress Labs steps it up and brings the people who use our software on a daily basis right into the heart of our software design and development.

In practical terms the Labs approach means unlocking the rich functionality of our software and making it, and our users, more efficient.

What is Iress Labs?

With Labs we take a concept or idea and place it into an experiment with users, the result is the release of co-designed functionality that does exactly what our users need it to do. It happens in three stages:

  • Design 'discoveries' - where users are actively involved in designing functionality and interfaces by providing insights on what’s most important to them and has the greatest impact on their business.
  • Development 'experiments' - where the themes, functionality, requirements and common user journeys defined in the design stage are taken into development; the same users test and give feedback on prototypes to ensure the software works the way they need it to.
  • Delivery of ‘co-designed functionality’ - the new co-designed interfaces and features are released into the latest version of the software, where all users can ‘toggle’ between the new functionality and the earlier version.

The Labs approach will be rolled out across the whole Iress solution suite. Initially, the focus has been on the Xplan suite and more than 75 users, representing 50 firms from around the world, are actively involved.

While each Lab experiment differs, typically users go through interviews and workshops, rigorously test and give their raw feedback on every aspect of our software design. Only the interfaces and features that meet their high standards make it through as co-designed functionality.

We’re really excited about the difference Iress Labs is making to our software and, most importantly, to you. With real user insight going directly into the design of our software, we’re making our solutions even more efficient, intuitive and delightful.