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Deadline to Breadline report: Exploring the financial resilience of working households across the UK

The new report from Legal & General assesses the financial stability of households by looking at how long someone could cover their basic living costs if they lost their job.

Legal and General  |  3 min read
10 October 2022

Iress Industry Voice

The Equity Release Customer Profile Is Changing – Is The Market Ready?

Pure Retirement share insights to the shifting customer base for Equity Release

Paul Carter  |  4 min read
04 July 2022

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Why getting lead generation right is good for everyone

Doing the right thing for clients at every step of the customer journey helps support business quality. It starts with lead generation.

Vitality Life  |  4 min read
23 May 2022

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Five ways client engagement can boost your business

Keeping clients engaged with their protection and health insurance plan is not just good for them. Advisers can benefit too, writes Vitality’s Greg Levine.

Vitality Life  |  5 min read
25 April 2022

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Effective brand engagement in the later life sector

Forget what you think you know about the over 50's, Pure Retirement share their insights into this complex, ever-shifting audience.

Rachel Pease  |  4 min read
21 March 2022

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Clients need actual value not 'added value'

Protection should offer more than just additional services near - or at the point of - a claim to really deliver value, writes Vitality’s Nick Telfer.

Nick Telfer  |  4 min read
28 February 2022

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What does 2022 hold for the mortgage market?

2021 was a year like no other for the UK mortgage market. So what's 2022 likely to bring?

Eloise Hall  |  5 min read
21 February 2022

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Athos Rushovich: ‘My heart surgery taught me the true value of financial planning’

Since his shock triple heart bypass last year, Vitality Sales Director Athos Rushovich has a renewed passion to spread the word far and wide about the value of financial planning.

Vitality Life  |  4 min read
17 January 2022