Get to the point

Why, as an industry, do we make things complicated for our clients? Can't we all try being a bit clearer in what we say?

Warren O'Connell  |  4 min read
18 July 2022


Walk a mile in my shoes

Warren O'Connell muses on what good leadership is, and whether Karen Brady has anything to say on the matter

Warren O'Connell  |  6 min read
11 May 2022


Why won’t anyone talk to me?

No one seems to want to pick up the phone any more, says Warren O'Connell. Why is that? And what has any of this got to do with farming?

Warren O'Connell  |  7 min read
31 March 2022


A rose by any other name

As we emerge from strict work-from-home policies, how will our working life change? How has it changed in the intervening two years? And, more to the point, would you change it back?

Warren O'Connell  |  6 min read
14 February 2022


Word of The Year

Is a resolution really the best way to start a the new year? or are we better off focusing on guiding principles?

Jacqui Durbin  |  5 min read
01 February 2022


The equity release new wave

This will be the decade equity release goes mainstream. But with it comes great responsibility, and lenders and technology must join forces to help advisers make the most of the opportunity.

Dave Miller  |  4 min read
11 November 2021


Feel the need... the need for speed

As we celebrate our tenth annual mortgage efficiency survey, we look at how the business of mortgages has changed and the tech integrations helping intermediaries keep up the pace.

Iress  |  6 min read
23 September 2021


How to keep your mortgage business moving remotely

Five tips to help you find the work balance and technology that keeps your business moving.

Iress  |  5 min read
22 July 2021