Iress CTO Andrew Todd has been recognised as one of Australia's most innovative technology leaders in the CIO50 list for the third year running.

The CIO50 is Australia's premier award program for senior technology and digital executives. It celebrates the achievements of the top 50 executives across the public and private sectors who are driving technology-led innovations, building cultures and influencing the leadership teams across their organisations.

Creating a cloud-first collaboration culture

As chief technology officer for Iress with 2,250 people working across 17 offices worldwide, the ability for teams to connect and collaborate effectively has been one of Andrew's top priorities. Andrew has driven a company-wide transition away from Microsoft to Google Suite, creating a seamless, cloud-first collaboration culture which has been hugely beneficial during the pandemic and when integrating new employees.

Throughout the pandemic, Andrew and his team have deployed the Iress Cloud Platform (ICP) which has fundamentally changed Iress' approach to product delivery for clients across different regions. The ICP has brought improved efficiency and better working methods while significantly reducing the time to deliver Iress services to its clients. What might have taken several weeks across several regional teams, can now be performed in a single click.

With the shift to hybrid work models, the cloud-based workplace tools deployed by Andrew and his team have enabled Iress to operate far more flexibly and adapt to ongoing lockdowns with no real impact on productivity and engagement.

Uniting CTOs and CIOs around the world

CIO50 also commended Andrew for his efforts in bringing together CTO and CIOs through the Iress CTO Forum, a global gathering of technology leaders across APAC, South Africa and the UK.

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