Has your mortgage business changed for good? After the challenges of the past 18 months, many mortgage brokers have adapted their business models and adopted a more flexible approach to how they work.

The challenge now is to lock in the positives and lessons learnt to find the balance that keeps your business moving. We’ve got five tips to help you do just that.

1. Get connected

Despite some cooling after the stamp duty holiday ended, mortgages are moving fast and brokers are flat out. Keeping up with demand and cases is a lot easier when you can do it from anywhere.

Make sure mortgages can happen wherever you need to be with online, cloud-based mortgage and sourcing software like Xplan Mortgage which works on any device and browser. With case information and data at your fingertips, there’s nothing stopping you from completing a case while you're away from your desk.

And don’t let a lack of shared access to case information slow things down. Xplan Mortgage makes it easy for your team to access shared files and collaborate on cases together. Perfect for remote working and handy if you or one of your team is off sick or on holiday, to keep business moving as it should.

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2. Get faster

Working at home has made us all far more conscious about our productivity and our work/life balance. If you intend to make flexible working a permanent fixture, you’ll want to be sure you’re working as effectively as you can be.

Spending too much time doing research, admin and rekeying, or using too many systems and processes to get the job done (regardless of where you’re working), is a sign you need better software.

Upgrade to a faster, better way of doing business with Xplan Mortgage - the single platform for mortgage and protection fact finds, criteria, sourcing and application. It does the hard work for you, so everything and everyone can get moving. Businesses that use Xplan Mortgage are completing cases in a fraction of the time, giving them more time back to grow their business.

And, because you’ve had enough disruption recently, be reassured that when you move to Xplan Mortgage our dedicated migration team will make it as smooth and simple as possible.

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3. Get personal

Financial advisers and mortgage brokers have impressed clients with their ability to do business in the digital world with online meetings emerging as the preferred method of advice for most customers.

Now your challenge is to keep impressing them by ensuring you’re capable of delivering the new digital experiences your customers expect.

The use of client portals has rocketed since the pandemic, becoming a must-have tool for remote and digital advice. If you haven’t got a client portal, it’s time to see how it can boost your business because your competitors almost certainly will.

Choose Xplan Mortgage and you’ll get your own branded client portal, giving you a way to engage with clients through secure two-way communication, document and digital signatures. Use it to deliver a seamless, personalised and paperless service. You can also save time and data entry by getting clients to self-service wherever possible.

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4. Get smart

Increased regulatory scrutiny means you’ve had to get used to doing a lot more compliance (along with everything else) remotely. It might have been quick but that shift from paper processes to digital was long overdue.

But remote working means business owners now need better oversight and the ability to see and track their team’s and business performance.

Luckily, technology has made this a lot easier.

As a complete mortgage and sourcing platform, Xplan Mortgage gives you a smarter way to meet your obligations and achieve that much-needed single view of your business. It will capture documentation and notes around product recommendations and pre-populated mortgage suitability and protection demands and needs letters. With no need to switch screens or use any other software, you can get on and deliver your best advice while working more efficiently. Even video calls can be saved to a client’s file to keep a record of your conversation and advice given.

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5. Get moving

The world of work has changed. The technology you use should change too. That means using software that helps save time, work smarter, stay connected and give better mortgage advice.

We can help you make the move to Xplan Mortgage, the industry’s most complete mortgage sourcing and protection platform.

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