Iress and Griffith University reveal the double-edged sword of choice in super

As new research undertaken by Iress and Griffith University reveals, choice and immediacy in super is something of a double-edged sword - especially during a crisis like COVID-19.

Guest contributor  |  5 min read
10 December 2021


SuperConnector: Completing the SuperStream vision

When SuperStream began it heralded a new era of simplicity for employers and super funds by creating an electronic, standardised and seamless flow of information between payroll systems and the superannuation industry. But gaps still exist. Could automation be the solution for saving time and reducing errors?

Mike Schwarz  |  4 min read
16 September 2021


Super robo advice. Build or buy—which race to run?

Today, the super fund industry is more dynamic and competitive than ever. With future-proofing now front and centre, robo advice is one hot topic.
So, how does a fund get from point A to B? From nothing to a fully functioning and well-received robo advice service? And more importantly, is it built in house or bought from a trusted technology partner?

Glenn Boyes  |  5 min read
04 May 2021


Super robo advice. Navigating the journey.

The year 2020 saw (among many things) job losses, early access to super and retirees figuring out how to make their super balance work for them. It created a shift not only in the way members perceive financial advice and superannuation, but also how they engage with their super fund.

Glenn Boyes  |  7 min read
26 January 2021


Super robo advice. What's the true potential?

Robo advice—we’ve all heard about it, a lot—often described as new-wave-digital-advice delivery. Surprisingly, there are a number of industry players who don’t see the correlation between the advancement in tech and the way super funds can more effectively service their members.

Glenn Boyes  |  5 min read
11 November 2020


Creating superannuation efficiencies with technology

The latest season of After Hours from NMP Education looks at the important role technology has to play in the future of the superannuation industry.

Jeff Hall  |  2 min read
06 October 2020


Completing the SuperStream vision

Introducing SuperConnector, a reimagined SuperStream service, improving automation between employers and funds.

Jeff Hall  |  4 min read
24 August 2020


Super speed in response to superannuation legislation changes

In response to changing economic conditions at the start of the coronavirus crisis, the Australian Government announced a number of changes to superannuation legislation.

Jeff Hall  |  3 min read
24 April 2020